Media stories are the nitty gritty of our international exchange. From both locales we’ll be producing radio segments, audio/visual presentations, videos and participant writings for posting in this section.   The radio segments produced from Cañar, Ecuador will be aired on  the program Kichwa Hitari  live on Radio El Tambo Stereo on Friday nights from 6 – 8 pmThe radio segments produced from Kichwa Hitari and other producers from New York’s international and public schools will be aired on (yet to be determined) station(s) in Cañar, Ecuador.

We are just beginning to create our first 8-minute radio segment about Carnival in Cañar from the audio recordings Elisa Portz (in photo), a Global Citizen Year student in homestay in Cañar, and Judy Blakenship captured in February.  Cristobal Pichisaca (in photo) has jumped into Voces de Cañar by offering his talents as an audio engineer, writer, musician and narrator.  His professional recording studio is behind this wall in the photo in Cañar.

Once complete, we’ll be sending the radio segment to Kichwa Hitari, for their on-going show on Friday nights from 6 – 9 pm.  They will broadcast a regular Voces de Cañar segment on the show.  

We invite all listeners and those of you who subscribe to our website to take a listen and let us know what you think and let us know what Carnival events you’re celebrating this year.


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