Quilloac 2

For the past three weeks our “gringa” team in Cañar – Judy B, Judy G, and Elisa Potz, a student with Global Citizen Year – has worked with high school students at Instituto Quilloac, a large bilingual school that serves the region. The “young journalists” in 5th form warmed up the first week by creating stories around photographs depicting Cañari scenes. We practiced recording a few of these stories to create our first audio piece, with a volunteer reader, interviewer and director. The next session we played a recording of a poem read in Kichwa by a 6th form student, Elizabeth Quinde, and then asked the class to create their own poems, in Kichwa or Spanish, on the theme of migration and its effect. We got some great material and we are hoping to put together a short radio program for Kichwa Hatari on Kichwa poetry.


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