Voces de Cañar FILES ACCESS

[useyourdrive dir=”0B6npdwv4qJ6Rfms2MGJrRWVVclc4SHlHSDFCNFVFWFN2cDFfd2h6bXVqdjN0b2EyZTYzNUE” mode=”files” viewrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest” forcedownload=”1″ downloadrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest” candownloadzip=”1″ showsharelink=”1″ notificationemail=”[email protected]” notificationdownload=”1″ upload=”1″ notificationupload=”1″  maxfilesize=”500000000″]
Upload Instructions:

1. Click on the folder (above) to which you want to upload. The folder opens.

2. Click the ‘Add files’ button to add to the list (queue) of files to upload. Multiselect is supported in the file browser that appears. (Mac: CMD-click, PC: Ctrl-click)

3. Click the ‘Start upload’ button.
Download Instructions:

1. Click on the folder (above) in which you want to browse. The folder opens.

2a. Single file download:
Click on a single file to download it immediately.

2b. Multiple files download:
Place checkmarks on the desired files then hover over the gear icon in the top-right corner and select ‘Download Selected Files’.

2c. All files download:
Hover over the gear icon and select ‘Download All Files’